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Paddler Info

Be Prepared Be Safe

Paddle in Groups

What to Bring

Your Boat in the following condition:

  • Flotation in each end of the boat either bulk
    headed hatches with covers or float bags.

  • No cracked hatch covers missing covers or
    unsafe hatch systems. Boat must be able to
    float in case of capsize.

  • Carry handles on each end of the boat.

  • Bow and Stern lines - 12 foot long, nylon cord OK.

  • Recreational kayaks are not recommended.
    Open Boats 12 feet and under can encounter significant wind and wave conditions. Closed cockpit boats with skirt are recommended.

  • All the * items below.

For the Boat (star items are required)

  • ____* Life Jacket(Must wear at all times on the water)

  • ____* Paddle/Oar (light as possible)

  • ____Paddle/Oar Leash

  • ____* Spray Skirt (required for all sit-in boats)

  • ____* Bilge Pump(required for all sit-in boats)

  • ____* Paddle Float (required for all sit-in boats)

  • ____*Whistle(required by Coast Guard)

  • ____Basic First-Aid Kit

  • ____* Bow Tow Line (12 feet)

  • ____* Stern Tow Line (12 feet)

  • ____*Two 20-oz. water bottles (or equal hydration pack)

  • ____Waterproof cases (cell phone, GPS,VHF, iPod, etc.)

  • ____*Cell Phone for emergency(at least 1 per group)

  • ____Dry Bags size 5 and 10 for clothes and gear

  • ____Binoculars

  • ____Chart Case or large zip lock for days chart

Boating Clothing

  • ____Short-sleeve Shirt

  • ____Long-sleeve Shirt

  • ____Shorts

  • ____Tights

  • ____Wind jacket or paddling jacket

  • ____Wind pants or paddling pants

  • ____Dry suit or wetsuit (optional)

  • ____Tennis shoes, sandals or water shoe, NO flip-flops.

  • ____Paddling Gloves and/or Poggies

  • ____Hat

  • ____Sun Screen

  • ____Lip balm

  • ____Sunglasses with strap

Other on Overnight Paddle Kitsaps

  • ____Camera(you will want to have one of these)

  • ____Pocket knife

  • ____* Personal identification(required by Coast Guard)

  • ____Cash or Bank Card for waterfront stores

  • ____Personal Snacks and Drinks

  • ____Small Tent and overnight gear.

On The Course

Course Support

Paddle Kitsap Prides itself on providing a fully supported Paddle. Our goal is to help you finish the days Paddle. To that end, our course is complete with the following services and amenities.

Course Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 2p.m.

No Course Support Services

Lunch Site

No Lunch Provided.

Rest Stops

There are NO rest stops on this years course.


There is no SAG van on this years course.

Visit Kitsap

Click her for Visit Kitsap Peninsula Web Site.

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Paddle Talk


Paddle Kitsap is for all levels of paddlers. You do not have to be an expert to paddle this course. It is fully supported so you can paddle a little or all of it depending on your ability and how you are feeling. Most of the course does not leave the shoreline and the open water crossings are short in duration. What is for sure is that there will be excellent scenery, glimpses of wildlife, and great friendships.